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Waiting For A Meal

Posted in Medium Wax Paintings

Waiting For A Meal

I can’t remember when spider webs caught my eye.  My grandmother crocheted a lot and I loved her work; spider webs reminded me of her intricate work.  I have taken many pictures of them,  which has led to several paintings highlighting spiderwebs.  ” Waiting For A Meal” is my most recent one.  I started this painting by making a forest-like background using  colors of different greens and a smattering of reds,  then I attached the web to a tree-like image.  One has to search a bit or imagine where Mr. Spider is hiding.  The painting (encaustic beeswax) is painted on artist’s clayboard (a wooden artist’s panel coated with clay and polished smooth).  I find myself painting more and more on clayboard due to it’s ease of applying the wax.


11 x 14

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