Galeria De Sueños


Posted in Medium Wax Paintings


Before I started this painting (Moonlight),  I wanted to work with different colors to create a feeling of motion and depth.  So with different swirls of the wax, I achieved the motion that I wanted. I painted some trees that helped give this painting some depth. There are patterns and shapes that are produced by swirling the melted wax throughout the art that also add to the motion.  I see several things that resemble different images.  I always look  at the  painting when I am finished to if I see anything that looks like something I recognize.  It makes it fun,  and I am always surprised to discover recognizable figures that I didn’t intentionally paint. The colors in the painting (blues, wines, golds, yellows, oranges, and browns) reflect my expressionist and surrealistic view of the natural world.  The work is painted with encaustic beeswax on artist’s clayboard.



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